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Tom Tierney was born in Beaumont, Texas on October 8, 1928. Upon graduation from the University of Texas at Austin in 1949, he became a freelance fashion illustrator. After serving in the United States Army, Tom moved to New York where he continued his career as an illustrator. His first paper doll book was published in 1976, and its success has subsequently led to the publishing of over 350 paper doll books, as well as a number of self-published works. He has a world wide following of art enthusiasts and collectors. During his life he always expressed how truly lucky he felt to be able to make a living doing what he loved most.

Since Tierney's death in 2013, his family has been been sorting and "rediscovering" Tom's artwork. In 2017 Tom Tierney Studios was born and it is our goal to share with the world the amazing art Tom Tierney produced during his 60+ year career as an artist. We hope you enjoy seeing the many facets of Tom Tierney!


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