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Welcome to Tom Tierney Studios

Wow! We are up and running. Welcome to our blog.

Now for some introductions! After Tom's death in 2014, the O'Tierney family (Tom Tierney's nephew, Patrick O'Tierney's family to be exact) has been in the process of sorting through an enormous amount of Tom's art. It is our intention to make this art available for old and new Tom Tierney fans. So much of what he did has never been seen. His talent extended far beyond the paper doll medium that he is most well known for. On this website we will be posting pictures of his art and making prints available for purchase. In the future we will be selling some of Tom's original art as well. Tom Tierney Studios is in the process of arranging a gallery show for just this purpose.

Deirdre O'Tierney, and my mother, Kathy O'Tierney, will be updating this blog periodically to keep everyone up to date on all things relating to Tom Tierney, his art, paper dolls, etc. From the O'Tierney family, Kathy, Bridget, Deirdre, and Brendan, we thank you for visiting the site and look forward to hearing from you.

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